In our lifetime fallacy

There isn’t a word for the pride which leads us to believe
Ancient tragedies would end while we watch.
The fallacy of our lifetime
Is as old as us, and as our memories.

For didn’t the fathers, then the sons, and them sons
For ten generations died in slavery
Until someday, lamb’s blood smeared,
They walked the dry ground of the sea ?

What then did think these generations before the last ?
That they would be freed together with
Their wives, their daughters, and their sons
Before the dusk of one’s time ?

At the pulpit, some timely Moses
Will mention the end of violence, while historians
Two hundred years hence
Add chapters to the book of our time.

What we have is a sentence without a period,
Which we must love to read.
That’s how we find life
In our lifetime.

Credit image : Mark Hamill in « Star Wars » directed by George Lucas, 1977

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