« I was born on the prairie »


There is a poem titled
Cornhuskers, written by Carl Sandburg,
Which Mark Smith sang in a slam/song way
During the late nineties in Chicago.

It starts with the line
« I was born on the prairie » as if it was
Really a place and not a color,
A kind of dust nor a desire to wander.

I have contacted Mark Smith so that
He would send me the file
And he did
But then I lost it in the cause of
A computer update.

I mean rather :
It must be here buried in the common grave
Of a laptop’s hard drive
I’ll throw away sometimes.

I emailed him again and received no answer
This time round.
The text alone was not enough
The music alone was not enough
But it cannot be found in some cloud,
That’s what makes it precious.

Image credit : Carl Sandburg

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