They eat you up


They eat you up, the to dos, the dos and the donts,
The incomplete applications, the forms and the valid ids,
They eat you up, the prerequisites, the gating items
And the lost mail, the penalties, the fines, the taxes,
The added charges, the roaming charges, the late charges,
They eat you like a light brigade, they eat you up
When it’s early at the mall with the early discounts,
The friends and family offers, the referrals, the programs,
The bloody Sunday coupons, the damned holiday specials,
They eat you up, the check-ups, the preconditions and
The insurance claims, the further examinations and the MRIs,
The uncertain readings, the X-Rays and the manual exams,
They eat you up while you search archives and
Scan hard drives, read soft copies and signed contracts.
They eat you up and spit the kernel in less time than
One spends dealing with nothing on a Sunday evening.

Image credit : Asaf Hanukka

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