Life souvenired

At the end of the seventies we died of less and lived more,
All things considered.
When I claim to understand where we all are headed, I refer
To the many things I have seen disappear.
We can still find them online, mind you,
Except for the secrets we wanted to keep
As secrets are here too for all to mine,
Slowly contradicting themselves.

Students who grew up with search engines
Won’t give up the cruel game of knowing nothing by heart.
Let’s discuss their experience, and how we may cherish memories
Unaltered by the perfect recall capabilities of machines.
We can write these, with a pen on a piece of paper,
And it will slowly burn in our drawers until someone perhaps
Reads it again and weeps.

The French also say « souvenirs ».
We use that word for trinkets.
It is perhaps fitting, because
The more the world expands from inside a screen
The greater the part of life souvenired.

Image credit : Julie Blackmon, « The Power of Now », 2008

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