Perpendicular waves


Someone wrote « Big Gay » in a Tweet,
And I am sitting when I read it
Surrounded by part of my family in an uppity East Coast brunch place ;
Then I turn around to see
All customers white and wealthy – including us –
Painted stiff against all waitressery asian and black.

It used to be the case that the West Coast would provide
Some counterpoint to the righteous choir :
I mean patrons would sit in an uneasy manner
Because even they would hear the growl between shifts :
« Perhaps are you a good citizen, perhaps are you
Just someone who can afford an attitude ».

The face of discontent hides well in California
At least in our magnificent zip codes.
There it is masquerading behind :
« Disruption, empowerment and technology »,

Wise words of freedom when used once,
Wise again the second time round,
Even perhaps words true and useful when used thrice ;
But with each lucrative iteration, words
Hard as iron links in a chain measuring the distance
To the odd and different.

We’ve been keeping the general public out of a crime scene
Where decency was held hostage before the assault ;
And now they see it everywhere else,
Including the wrong places.
Someone wrote « Big Gay » in a Tweet
And I sat when I read it.

Image credit : perpendicular waves at the Phare des Baleines

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