Remember that day at Target
After we’d laid to rest
The women who kept us in her arms. Remember
When I said you could buy all that you could carry
But if you dropped one thing it’d be gone ;
Everything that fit into your arms
Was yours for the taking.

Well, this was not a metaphor, it is real life.
You get given all you can carry and
What you drop, you’ll lose.
So my first piece of advice is,
Always act as if you were at Target,
Never ever drop anything.

That is unless you wish to lose such thing,
And then you should drop it,
You should drop it mercilessly,
Because you did not need
That damn thing in the first place.

See, you cannot be bothered in life carrying too many things,
Things such as what other people think,
And their do’s and their don’ts :
It’s a packed flight, it’s a long journey
Luggage is limited to carry-ons.
But here is the good news,
Your arms will grow, and that is a metaphor.

I didn’t really mean arms here.
I meant the more intangible value of knowledge,
Study and you will get to carry more without even feeling it.
So here is another piece of advice :
Study hard, study for the grades but then
Study more until you’ve understood something true
As each true matter will the same and only thing say.

And you may disagree with this, but
Things you carry, they get lighter and lighter
Until they become pure light.
How do I know that ?
Well I know that because we were here
And all I could see was light, coming from you.

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