That day


That day I was building sand castles at the office
And did not know yet how I was going to impose
The Ionic order to such secular mess – how could it have ended anyway
Otherwise than with a birth into the unknown – that day
There was hardly any passage that was comfortable to the hand
And everything we saw was displeasing to the eye.

What I know next is how we went deep into Comanche territory,
For cell coverage to turn analogic, and all our first thoughts
Were about war. And all our next thoughts
Were about not putting everyone in the same dirt bag
When THEY wanted stay in the bloody bag
Even when rattled about with sadness and rage.

Crazy stupid was having a parade, so many rejoiced in green
It sounded like evil had started building back the towers pitch black.
But my idea for the plot stayed simple
I said to my wife we should prepare ourselves
For lame excuses in the West and a tsunami
Of hollow men committing holly suicide in the East.

Image credit : Robson Morgan –

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