L’étoile s’arrête sur le fer 


Stars stop on iron, then they are
Very often black holes
And yet they move away from us
At godspeed, it is time
Slipping away with absent will.

I know this because I have known you
Who’s red-shifting inside the Earth.
Wherever you went,
You’ll be forgiven for taking
A dim view of the man.

But we did what we could
With a flawed telescope !
It’s still Hollywood up here :
Nobody knows anything, and
Sometimes wheels won’t stop.

The puzzle you were, dear.
The puzzle you left.
I feel the tidal forces over
The bland horizon, messing
What remains into tin.

Know that I hold the short end
And the long end of this house,
Making sure stars won’t stop
Before they’re content
With what you left.

Image credit : Nan Goldin

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