It will find you

Maybe it stepped out of the carriage when you came in
And showed its back as you moved past noise and lights.
When you came back the next day, it was in the crowd walking briskly
You caught up to it yet did not know what to tell the office guard
Who decided against reporting your suspicious activity.

Or maybe it was that one you thought was nice and left a year hence
When you thought you’d find better in the vastness of youth.
It was in the river running and in the clock ticking.
Someone told you to get your eggs frozen for a fee,
Portholes were kept opened while the ship sank where it was hit.

You saw it again in a pub one slow Friday, it was with friends
At some point it paid the rounds, and you raised your glass to it.
You wanted to approach it but there was never a good time.
When it went to the restrooms, someone accosted you,
And in the time it took to politely drive away the unfortunate,
It had gotten out and moved through the drinkers into the street.

It will find you, that what’s you heard from your mother
Who knows her cards reading and always wants to hear your stories twice told,
Deep in the darkness of your life, when the hope of a family will be all but gone,
It will find you.

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