In the absence of promiscuity

An algorithmic build up is happening online
As bubbles have escaped financial markets ;
They were also some kind of conversation
Between people convincing themselves.

XXth century men believed we had sex to get out of this,
And that we needed a riskier bet for a possible surprise.
The history of technology is that sex builds it,
And then becomes the sacrificial lamb of it.

Sex was a stepping stone on the way to the truth,
But now we get legal answers from machines,
And soon we’ll forget the land before screens,
The world is different since the pixel.

There’s an optimistic elite speeding to escape velocity,
When in the bowels of suburbs, people are parking
Into immobility, where they shop with a vengeance,
And vote with a vengeance. Bubbles burst offline.

In front of screens, we realize parking lots
In the United States are the perfect places
For hearing the words : “go fuck yourself” ;
I am close to you, may your hand touch mine.

Image credit : André Malraux & Clara Malraux née Goldschmidt

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