The wait is over


Don’t wait for us,
We won’t come back where we once stood.
We left in a hurry,
We left in no hurry, and are leaving still ;
We put in our pockets some of your dirt,
You may find some of the ground missing.

Since we left, you may have felt a bit lost,
We’ve left a large space where you can
At long last, roam free and unencumbered.
We ourselves have been confused before,
But then we slowly put our words in order.

It took us time you haven’t got ;
You’ll march with the wrong people,
Bark up the wrong god,
Craft the wrong slogans, and carry them
High on dismal and colorful signs.

Be there, chose the master you wish,
We don’t care which kind of slave
Will chose between fishing and the fish,
You’re still building the pyramid like a cage.

But we won’t be back,
We will never be back where you once stood,
We have to save ourselves and
We cannot save you all from yourselves.

Image credit : Salman Toor

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