Black maw


Half of the country, educated and healthy,
Wants to stay « children forever »
When the other half, boxed in and unhealthy,
Desperately aspires to achieve adulthood,
Or, more precisely, autonomy.
That these two halves wouldn’t understand
Each other during the last election cycle
Was a surprise. That they won’t do so today,
Is a shared disgrace and a crime against reason.
It is not true that one of them might be right
On how a vote should be cast when a vote will
Decide on the matter ; it is not true that a vote
Allows everything to be bent to the elected will.
These lies we tell over and over
Don’t disappear into thin air as if words had
No consequences in a process where words matter
Before deeds. They push against the halves,
They shut tight the black maw of silence.

Image credit : unknown, please contact me.

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