Every airport wi-fi network


Every airport wi-fi network slows down to a trickle,
Now is the livid rap piece in the american day’s song :
Abysmal stuff happening gate 6 to passenger Rodrigues.
Anything you practice, you get good at :
The sitting in the lounge, the protesting the window seat.
Meanwhile gate 6 closes, gate 12 gets stuck midway.
In destination countries would be passengers
Are rushing back to a vote to nowhere, and when home
Organise the dimming of the sun.
People die of boredom before travel sickness,
Because come to think of it, it’s empty and late,
And still we wait and still we try to find interest,
Even when newspapers subject matters are tax related.

Image credit : Inge Morath, « Fog on the Thames », London, 1954

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