Leo Szilard- near Oxford- spring 1936

We did it because someone could ask
For the vanishing half of an atom,
A plebeian.
Yes we did knock at the XXIst century’s door
With two blasts,
The second one, an atrocity,
Followed by
The ringing sound of atomic silence.
And yet, even
Coriolanus changed his mind in anger
Imperious in his dedication,
And waging a tremendous war
On hypocrisy and how it became
Culture of the
Least common denominator.
We survived.
For a very long while all we heard
Had the inkling of another watermarked general,
With each proliferation it rang
A pregnant bell in an overflowing sky,
We don’t get to ask for more,

We won’t fade the same way twice.

Image credit : Leo Szilard, near Oxford, spring 1936

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