Two damp playing cards in front of my house


Dogs had barked in my sleep and in the morning
Cards had fallen apart and on the pavement askew
Where the rain had soaked them for a couple of hours.
The ace of spades fluffed with water : its top “A”
Having lost the cramped horizon, turned the icon into a

Lambda, as if a Greek omen for the populace.

The other card was a jack of heart. I saw this one first
Given the crimson face and could guess the ground’s irregularities,
Water and gravity having forced in concert the paper
To closely fit its support. I was right after all to have called
God’s bluff. After our little game, he or she had thrown

In despite an empty hand to the ground.

Image credit : Василий Улитин. Пламя Парижа. 1932

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