In those dark days of islamic histrionics across the globe, I like to remind myself of the Church of Mormon striking reaction to a broadway musical a few months ago : « we understand it is a caricature; the Book of Mormon Musical may entertain you for one night, but the real Book of Mormon will change your life forever ». There is no reason whatsoever why non-muslims and muslims alike should not expect this kind of maturity from Islamic clerics and Islamic communities at large.

The islamic world is going through one of its surreal phase of organised rage against the West in order to defend its religious honor. It should be clear by now, that there is no case for defending such honor. Each and every religious group should chill : the islamic world today is the sole global entity, which globality is at par with Christiany, Buddism and Judaism, behaving in such a way.

Consider this basic fact of our modern ages : given 6 billions people, open, public and far reaching communication means, at any point in time, somebody, somewhere is publicly demeaning whatever community you happen to belong to or whatever creed you’ve been championing. So, it is high time for the silent majority of muslims of goodwill, to speak up and call whatever has been organised by the violent few for what it is : bullshit.

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